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What we do

This website, mainly dedicated to preserve and propagate the intellectual property of
H. Yoganarasimham and H. Y. Saraswathy and their family, is a comprehensive space about our work and functions.

Working primarily around Karnatik music, literature and academics—and often, their intersection—we also aim to contribute to the well-being of the society.

We have borrowed the name Devagitam—meaning ‘music of god’—from H. Yoganarasimham’s Sanskrit composition Shantirupasya taam.
पावनप्रणवो भाव्यतां – जीवतत्वं विवेच्यताम् कैवल्यमिह काङ्क्ष्यतां – देवगीतम निशम्यताम् Incidentally, deva is also H. Yoganarasimham’s ankita, the signature of the composer on their composition

Events Update

Young master Ramana Balachandran performs for Devagitam Charitable Trust’s ninth Anniversary Ramana Balachandran is a prodigious young veena player who has been enthralling audiences world over. He will be performing some of H Yoganarasimham’s compositions on that day.
6.00pm ISTOnline event: visit

Focus Areas

With a firm belief on the necessity for interdisciplinarity, Devagitam often works as the meeting point of three cultural strands- music, literature and academics.


The trust conducts various events—from concerts to lecture-series to propagate the intellectual property generated by late H. Y. Saraswathy & H.Yoganarasimham, and their family members. It also hosts an archive of publications and musical compositions of the family.

Community Engagement

Devagitam engages with the community by participating in charity and relief activities.