Welcome to the world of chaste Karnatak music of the modern composer Sri H. Yoganarasimham!

Yoganarasimham (1897-1971) is a composer of rare merit in whom musical excellence and lyrical beauty find a happy union, as do classicism and modernity.

A close shishya of the great composer Sri Vasudevacharya of Mysore, Yoganarasimham was a composer and an exponent of Karnatak music, scholar in Sanskrit, Kannada, Telugu and English.

This website – Devagitam – is dedicated to preserving and propagating his compositions. It offers a total approach to the musical world of Yoganarasimham; it is like a modern equivalent of a dedicated internship with a guru, getting to know him and his music as inseparable parts of a whole. To this end, the website is developed with the following features:

  • It provides access to all his compositions in one place.
  • Compositions are presented in the original form he had used in his published work Gita-Kusumanjali, with text and notation in Kannada and Devanagari scripts.
  • In order to enhance the accessibility, the text and notation are also given in English.
  • This web site has some of his compositions made available to the user  in readily downloadable audio form and is supported by a set of two audio CDs for the rest. All compositions have been rendered in their original form by the composer’s daughter Smt. Neeraja Achuta Rao and granddaughter Dr. M.A. Jyothi.
  • The meanings of the Sanskrit compositions are given in English in order to help the user
  • Several important notes given by the composer himself in Kannada are retained in their original form and are also translated into English.
  • His other contributions to Karnatak music, such as compilation of compositions of Veena Seshanna and Mysore Sadashiva Rao
  • A picture gallery and a pen-portrait of the composer bring him home to the user.

Yoganarasimham used the ankita Deva in his compositions. The name of the website is based on the word devagitam that occurs in one of his songs.

Once again, welcome to Devagitam!

Hindola varna Sundara Deva
Mohana Varna Kamala Mano Mohana
Ninnu Minchina
Saphalam Jeevitham
Hema Teera Kambodhi
Kalyani Thillana Tam
Jaya Jaya Bharatha

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