Devagitam Trust

Devagitam Charitable Trust ® was founded in 2011 by the members of the Holenarasipura family, initially to preserve and propagate the compositions of H. Yoganarasimham, a scholar-musician par excellence.

In the following years, Devagitam has grown into a family trust, dedicated to enrich the cultural scope of society through music, literature and academics. With a firm belief on the necessity for interdisciplinarity, Devagitam often works as the meeting point of these three cultural strands.

It also stands to propagate the intellectual property generated by late Smt. H. Y. Saraswathi and Sri. H. Yoganarasimham, and their family members. The trust conducts various events—from concerts to lecture-series—with this purpose in mind. It also hosts an archive of publications and musical compositions of the family.

Devagitam engages with the community by participating in charity and relief activities. Donors can support us here.

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