H. Y. Mukunda: (details unavailable)

Neeraja Achuta Rao:
Daughter of Smt. Saraswathy and Sri. H. Yoganarasimham, Neeraja is the managing trustee of Devagitam. She was an active member of Makkala Koota until 1962. After marrying Sri. M. K. Achuta Rao, who was working for the Neyveli Lignite Corporation, she contributed to the cultural life of the Neyveli and the development of Kannada Sangha for 28 years. Once they returned to Mysore after Achuta Rao’s retirement, she obtained an M.A. degree in music, to establish Srujana Kalamandira, where she teaches Karantik music.

Rahul Ram:
Son of Dr. H. Y. Mohan Ram and Dr. Manasi Ram, Rahul Ram was educated in St. Xavier’s School and St. Stephen’s College, where he obtained his honours degree in Chemistry. After higher studies in Chemistry and Environmental Technology at IIT Kanpur and Cornell University, he taught at the School of Planning and Architecture and Delhi University. As an activist during the Narmada Bachao Andolan, he played music with various people. Eventually, he took up music full-time as the lead singer and bass-guitarist of Indian Ocean, arguably the most popular music group in India. He was married to Amita Baviskar (1988-2012) and is now married to Ayesha Christina Benn. Rahul Ram lives in Delhi.

M. A. Jyothi:
Daughter of Smt. Neeraja Achuta Rao and Sri. M. K. Achuta Rao, Jyothi is a Karnatik vocalist and violinist. She was initiated to music by her mother, and then guided by Gurus Dr. Sukanya Prabhakar, Vid. Neela Ramagopal. She trained for violin under Vid. Ganesha Pillai, Vid. Lalgudi Jayaraman and Vid. Lalgudi GJR Krishnan. She has performed all over India, in London, and is an artiste at All India Radio from the apst 25 years. Jyothi also has a Ph.D. in Education, and has worked as a teacher educator. She is married to S. N. Prasad, and lives in Mysore.

Sheshadri: (details unavailable)

Born on 29-06-1960 , he is a degree holder. He is presently working for Asian Brown Boveri (ABB Ltd.) at Nanjanagud as Executive Financier.
He is a resident of Mysore for a long period and is conversant with people and the local culture here. He is a keen listener of Karnatik music . His daughter , Arpita , has been a student of Neeraja AchutaRao for the past ten years.
Ravishankar takes interest in social service activities and takes part in sports /physical activities like marathon races etc. He climbs Chamundi Hills by foot once every week.

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